Reaching For Lucidity to find The Grail

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Eban Crawford has always been one of the most consistent podcasters always finding quality music and featuring it on his show Reaching For Lucidity Indie Music Blast. Jesta is proud to be included on episode 448 with The Grail. SPOON! 😉

Is This Thing On?

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A few weeks ago I met a guy called Nick Tann at a music event in London called MusicConnex – he was there as both a musician and a podcaster and we had a good chat about the benefits of podcasters and musicians working together. I said I'd send Nick some music and of course didn't miss the opportunity to …

Michael grabs my song from the cosmos and bags it!

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One of the very best shows for discovering new music, Michael Angel's Cosmic Grab Bag is an essential addition to your listening queue. On episode 290 Michael played Jesta's The Grail – but there's some other great never-heard-before music from amazingly talented artists on the same show, so give it a listen! Please help show my thanks to Michael by …

Indie Music Sampler – Where independent music comes to play!

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On the 11th of March the Indie Music Sampler featured Jesta's “Hand To Hold” on it's eclectic mix of great new independent music.

FM102X Song of the Day

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“Hand To Hold” by Jesta is FM102X's song of the day today! The FM102x Song of the Day is a Daily Discovery of the best in new music from independent artists delivered Mon-Fri. Featuring recordings and unreleased songs from independent musicians that you should be hearing alongside more well-known artists.

Suffolk’n’Cool 255

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I love hearing my music on the Suffolk'n'Cool podcast because I'm always in the company of such amazing other artists – it's like when a good friend asks you to join them for dinner party and the coolest people are sat at the table. I come away feeling inspired and humbled to be in the presence of such talent. So, …

Audio Gumshoe with a Jesta Special!

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One of the hardest things to do these days is to find new music that you love. Sure there's some great shows that have a variety of tracks by different artists, but all too often you hear a song you like, go to investigate the band and find out that that was in fact their ONLY good song! Audio Gumshoe is a …

Michael Angel’s Cosmic Grab Bag

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Throwing out thanks to Michael Angel for playing Jesta on his Cosmic Grab Bag show, episode 221 – well worth a listen for the other talented musicians he plays too!

Market Watch

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Unexpectedly even mentioned the iDog song on their site. You need to register to see the whole story, but in short amongst a discussion about marketing they said,This week, a rock group from the United Kingdom added a song to Curry's Podsafe Music Network, titled “Me, My Music and My iDog.”

Griddlecakes Radio

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The adfather and original inspiration for alternative advertising for the iDog played the song with some interesting commentary. I'm talking about the fabulous Griddlecakes radio of course!