Baby (I Could've Been) A Rich Man – The Beatles on iTunes: A missed opportunity

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As you've probably seen, last week The Beatles finally released their entire back catalogue on the iTunes music store. It's great that so many people now get the opportunity to easily access such important songs in the history of popular music. However, I will not be buying any of it! I already own every song on CD or other formats. …

"Previously…" the new album from Jesta – available now

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You can find the new album at most good online stores (more being added soon) or buy direct from Jesta. Previously… by Jesta

Michael Angel’s Cosmic Grab Bag

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Throwing out thanks to Michael Angel for playing Jesta on his Cosmic Grab Bag show, episode 221 – well worth a listen for the other talented musicians he plays too!

Music Success In 9 Weeks – Week 8

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Another week of Music Success in Nine Weeks and we finally come to something I'm admittedly pretty bad at – networking in real life. One of the strengths I've developed over the last few years is socializing online – working from home has helped that along, but at the detriment of my “real” social skills. Some days I don't talk to anyone …

Music Success In 9 Weeks – Week 7

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I'm a bit late this week blogging about chapter 7 of Music Success in Nine Weeks because I've needed to let this one sink in a bit and try to let my mind do it's own thinking outside of the box. The aim is to build my email newsletter list. Making sure family and friends are included was the first step and …

iTunes Ping

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Today Apple released a new version of iTunes with a social sharing element they've called “Ping”. Like Twitter or Facebook it allows you to follow people, whether friend, celebrity or artist, but it's only about the music. You'll be able to see what the people you follow are buying and rating, and keep up with new releases with your favourite …

Music Success In 9 Weeks – Week 6

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It's often said that “content is king” and during the course of reading Music Success in Nine Weeks I'm beginning to realize just how true this is. A lot of the notes I've taken recently have started with the word “More” – more photos, more video, more anecdotes, more audio… of course the word “Better” should always be applicable too! The whole …

Music Success In 9 Weeks – Week 5 – Part 2

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Week 5 of the Music Success In 9 Weeks blog challenge is one of those things that can never be crossed off a to-do list. It's become evident to me that this is something that would almost be worth employing a full-time researcher for. There's a huge number of blogs out there that focus on new music and because they are all …

Music Success In 9 Weeks – Week 5 – Part 1

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With my hands on the Second Edition of Music Success in Nine Weeks (having the wrong version was a little confusing!) I set about looking further into a topic that I've only just started to get my head around – Blogging. You would think that with my above-average knowledge of social networking and podcasting that I'd have it all washed, dressed up …

Music Success In 9 Weeks – Week 4

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I pretty much breezed through this week! Chapter 4 of Music Success in Nine Weeks is all about social networking. Some people would call me a “social networking addict” but really it's just that I love web technology and I'm an early-adopter when it comes to most things. Okay – maybe I am an addict – just look at how many networking …