The Xen Show

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Another one of my favourite podcasts, The Xen Show, played the pesky iDog ditty. Thanks Xen – I appreciate it! Check out The Xen Show at

Antecubital Liposuction

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Antecubital Liposuction, almost as meaningless as it's name, played that annoying iDog song yesterday.

LSN Podcast

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Tiernan O'Toole¬†played “Me, My Music and My iDog” on his Irish podshow on Jan 29th 2006.

Barry from Barrie

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Barrington Lock in Canada played some Jesta music on his podcast “Zero Miles Per Hour”. Thanks Barry you rock! This is one of my favourite podcasts – check it out now at

Things Reunited Podshow

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“Scully Said” was played by Tony Harmer on his podcast “Things Reunited” (show number 15). Thanks Tony!

Jesta on the DSC

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As I had expected Adam Curry played “Me, My Music and My iDog” on his podcast #324 and encouraged somebody to make a video for it, so we’ll see what happens!

Mark Baars Podcast

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Mark Baars played “Me, My Music and My iDog” on his show number 21. Cheers Mark, you cool Dutch dude!

Me, My Music and My iDog

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In response to Adam Curry's discussions¬†about alternative forms of advertising on his podcast “The Daily Source Code” I decided to bash together a little ditty inspired by one of my favourite christmas presents, my iDog. My aim here was full-on annoyingly catchy tune, so it doesn't necessarily reflect the overall style of Jesta songs, but it was fun to make!

Gay Porn Talk!

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The “Gay Porn Talk” podcast reviewed “Scully Said” as their “MTFT” song on their show for 16th December 2005. What does “MTFT” stand for? You’ll have to listen to the show to find out (not safe for work or young ears!) but as it turns out maybe I’m a little too romantic for that section of their show!