That awkward moment all band members experience!

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It’s that old question – how long can you look into the eyes of another band member before it becomes weird? Where’s the line between feeling the music and feeling uncomfortable? Family Guy nailed it!

Theme tunes & jingles by Jesta

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Spice up your show with a theme tune or jingle from Jesta! If you need a song or piece of music for your podcast, radio show, video or maybe just as a special gift for somebody then why not get in contact and make it happen? Simply fill in the details on the form here. Previous work Jesta has already …

Corona Cay – Become a virtual castaway

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Corona Cay is an island in the online virtual world Second Life. It is home to a whole bunch of fun and creative people including musicians, podcasters, authors and some who are just plain crazy but friendly! We'd love you to come and visit Corona Cay – you can do it totally for free by downloading the software, logging in …

Jesta takes questions

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Here you can ask Jesta anything you like and get a real, personal answer! Ask me anything you want – it can be about my music, life, trousers, desserts, whatever! Unfortunately SoundCloud's audio question service is currently not available, but you can type a question using the form below from Reverbnation. If the form foesn't display please click here instead.

iTunes Ping

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Today Apple released a new version of iTunes with a social sharing element they've called “Ping”. Like Twitter or Facebook it allows you to follow people, whether friend, celebrity or artist, but it's only about the music. You'll be able to see what the people you follow are buying and rating, and keep up with new releases with your favourite …

Help! What the heck is Jesta?

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You know, I could really use your help! I need to know a few things about my music and you look like a pretty knowledgable person that I can trust. Please play or download the free mp3 below. It has extracts of songs and demos from Jesta. Have a quick listen and answer the questions below for me. You can …

TPN Rock: The Friday Rock Show #167

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Thanks to Ewan Spence for featuring Jesta's “Back Chat” as the opening track for TPN Rock: The Friday Rock Show #167 If you love rock music this is a fantastic show that should be on your playlist!

Music Success In 9 Weeks

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I have two main problems with my music career. 1) I spend too much time learning and not enough time doing. 2) A very real lack of time and money to try new things due to other obligations. (Yes, I AM a full-time musician but a large portion of my work is producing music for third parties that does not …

Back Chat on the Dalecast

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Thanks to Steve for featuring “Back Chat” on the most recent Dalecast show. You can find the show at Dalecast 756