FM102X Song of the Day

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“Hand To Hold” by Jesta is FM102X's song of the day today! The FM102x Song of the Day is a Daily Discovery of the best in new music from independent artists delivered Mon-Fri. Featuring recordings and unreleased songs from independent musicians that you should be hearing alongside more well-known artists.

Suffolk’n’Cool 255

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I love hearing my music on the Suffolk'n'Cool podcast because I'm always in the company of such amazing other artists – it's like when a good friend asks you to join them for dinner party and the coolest people are sat at the table. I come away feeling inspired and humbled to be in the presence of such talent. So, …

Audio Gumshoe with a Jesta Special!

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One of the hardest things to do these days is to find new music that you love. Sure there's some great shows that have a variety of tracks by different artists, but all too often you hear a song you like, go to investigate the band and find out that that was in fact their ONLY good song! Audio Gumshoe is a …

"Lying" – a cover version by Jesta of the Amy Meredith song

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I thought I'd try a) doing an acoustic cover version and b) trying to film it while I record. I chose to do this fantastic song called “Lying” by Amy Meredith, an Australian band that I really like. This was all a bit of an experiment as I've never really done anything quite like this before – filming each part …

Music Success In 9 Weeks – Week 9 – Dude, are you still alive?!

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I know you've been unable to sleep for the last few months, wondering what became of Jesta in the final weeks of the Music Success In 9 Weeks challenge! Well, worry no more for here in all their brutal honesty are the answers you've been seeking… I never got around to blogging the final week of the course and giving …

Baby (I Could've Been) A Rich Man – The Beatles on iTunes: A missed opportunity

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As you've probably seen, last week The Beatles finally released their entire back catalogue on the iTunes music store. It's great that so many people now get the opportunity to easily access such important songs in the history of popular music. However, I will not be buying any of it! I already own every song on CD or other formats. …

"Previously…" the new album from Jesta – available now

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You can find the new album at most good online stores (more being added soon) or buy direct from Jesta. Previously… by Jesta

Michael Angel’s Cosmic Grab Bag

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Throwing out thanks to Michael Angel for playing Jesta on his Cosmic Grab Bag show, episode 221 – well worth a listen for the other talented musicians he plays too!

Music Success In 9 Weeks – Week 8

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Another week of Music Success in Nine Weeks and we finally come to something I'm admittedly pretty bad at – networking in real life. One of the strengths I've developed over the last few years is socializing online – working from home has helped that along, but at the detriment of my “real” social skills. Some days I don't talk to anyone …

Music Success In 9 Weeks – Week 7

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I'm a bit late this week blogging about chapter 7 of Music Success in Nine Weeks because I've needed to let this one sink in a bit and try to let my mind do it's own thinking outside of the box. The aim is to build my email newsletter list. Making sure family and friends are included was the first step and …