Help! What the heck is Jesta?

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You know, I could really use your help!

I need to know a few things about my music and you look like a pretty knowledgable person that I can trust. Please play or download the free mp3 below. It has extracts of songs and demos from Jesta.

Have a quick listen and answer the questions below for me. You can skip through if you like – some of these are just to give you an idea of Jesta's sound.

Every submission will be put on a special list for priority free downloads and one lucky person will win a signed copy of Jesta's first full CD album and possibly some bonus goodies too!


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Download MP3 here – right click (or ctrl-click) and choose to save to disk

Does Jesta sound like Tom Jones? Probably not. Let us know as many artists that come to mind as you like – the more the merrier.

We think it's generally Powerpop but what do we know? Please tell us as many as you like, Pop, Rock, Oom-pah…

Be as creative as you like.

Optional but required for competition entry.

If you have a Secondlife account, enter your avatar name here for free L$ (based on the quality of your feedback)