The Domain Name Game

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I've been pretty lucky with domain names (for the few who don't know what a domain name is, it's your web address like or I was an early web adopter and took the precaution of registering a few domains I wanted early on when it was still fairly easy to get them.

I never managed to get so instead I settled for which was fine. However as the years have passed I've realised it isn't the best domain name to use when speaking to people. Too often people mishear Jesta as Jester and it's annoying having to spell it out.

For quite some time I've been trying to find a solution. I tried to think of a domain name that may be available with both Jesta and Jester spellings. Unfortunately nothing appropriate became available. Until now!

I'm very please to announce that I am now the proud owner of:
– and, yes also
– and
– and of course too!!

So you can now simply say “” and not worry about people mishearing or thinking that, because I'm the the UK, it's instead of .com

You'll notice that I've already redirected all the other domains to the correct one. Hopefully this should solve a lot of people visiting the wrong sites!