Broken strings & Octogenarian Strippers

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I had a fun gig on Saturday night playing with Simon in my side-project duo at a function for a football club in Essex. We were supposed to start our set at 9-9:30pm. Neither of us were in the best of health so it was going to be a struggle. After many party games, awards and other silliness we finally started playing at about 11pm.

It's been quite a while since I broke a guitar string. On this particular evening I managed to break two E strings in rapid succession! Fortunately an opportunity to change strings and re-tune presented itself with the announcement of a stripper arriving for one of the football lads. If I could change the string quick enough maybe I'd get to watch the best bits!

So in she came… or rather, hobbled. She was an old lady who has seen better days. Let's just say that parts drooped more than they used to. Ever tried changing a string whilst avoiding catching a glimpse of an octogenarian stripper? It's damn tricky…